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Amino Cell SLIM

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36,25 (VAT inclusive)

270 capsules

Base price: 15,63 € each 100 g

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270 capsules

Base price: 15,63 € each 100 g

Amino Cell Slim - 270 capsules

Intelligent weight management without the stress
(Best before: End 06/2017)

We all know about the ever pressing subject of weight loss. Almost everyone of us wants to lose a few annoying pounds at some point in our lives, but for many it's incredibly difficult. This is often because our weight depends not only on the amount of food we eat, but above all by the composition of our food. Good, healthy food provides us with necessary nutrients and makes us sustainably feel full.

It provides for a hormone in our body, which suppresses our appetite. We therefore ingest no more calories than is necessary and in ding so makes us feel good as a result. Yes, good nutrition even helps us to lose some excess pounds! However, a poor, unbalanced diet, fills our stomach and causes a disturbed release of hormones, meaning we get hungry again very quickly. So we eat more than necessary, gain weight and feel uncomfortable. You yourself can surely identify with this situation from everyday life! We all like to feed our bellies with tasty fries, bread rolls or sweets until we are stuffed full - but half an hour later, we’re hungry again!

Proteins, and their building blocks amino acids, play a key role in a healthy and satisfying diet. Numerous studies, particularly the large-scale Diogenes study, highlight the calorie burning and sustaining filling effects of protein. For many years it has been considered in science, that it is not the dreaded fat in food that is the main culprit for obesity. Instead, we now know that the regular intake of protein plays a crucial role for metabolism and the forming of hunger. Less hunger means fewer problems with body weight.

In fact, protein and amino acids support us in achieving and maintaining our desired weight in three different ways!

In particular, protein at dinner burns a lot of calories. Yes, you heard right! In order to digest the protein at all, the body needs a lot of energy. About one-third of the calories supplied via protein are directly burned again! But not only that, protein caters for much more! Its building blocks help the body feel full longer, and they suppress cravings. We automatically eat less without suffering as a result. Finally, protein is the main component of our musculature. This is crucial, especially during weight loss! With a controlled intake of protein, we prevent the body from reducing muscle mass and leaving the fat sitting on our hips. Protein forces the body to break down fats instead. And that’s exactly what we are aiming to achieve.

But the best thing is that a diet based on protein and amino acids helps us to maintain the desired weight, even after the successful diet! We all know but the dreaded Yo-Yo effect - one tirelessly puts in the effort to lose weight over weeks or months, only to put the weight back on in a matter of weeks after our diet. It doesn’t need to be like this! Studies have clearly shown that a protein-rich diet is the surest way to prevent this yo-yo effect!

Protein and amino acids are often mentioned in the same breath, but they are not the same! Proteins consist of many amino acids which are connected to each other. Imagine a wall consisting of many bricks. The amino acids are the bricks and the protein is the entire wall. To hold the wall together you need cement. In a similar fashion, the protein molecule is held together by the individual amino acids through different adhesives. Unfortunately, many of these adhesives are not only an unnecessary burdon, they stand in the way of the positive effects of protein, especially when it comes to losing weight.

For example, nitrogen is included in many protein molecules. This, however, in turn inhibits the absorption of amino acids meaning these high-quality ingredients are less absorbed by the body. In addition, there are fat compounds included in proteins which in turn bring calories with them and hinder weight loss. Pure protein products are definitely an important part of our healthy diet, they are but only of limited suitability when it comes to weight management. Let's take for example whey: Only 40% of the proteins amino acids contained in the whey is actually good for losing weight.

Therefore, we have now composed Amino Cell Slim just for you. A especially high-quality recipe which you can intelligently use to support your weight management. Amino Cell Slim contains pure amino acids without the unwanted connection materials that interfere with our weight loss. Amino Cell Slim also contains only those amino acids, which play a role in regulating body weight! Unnecessary ballast is eliminated and the highly effective amino acids are carried more evenly due to the delayed release, namely 24 hours a day. As you can see: With Amino Cell Slim, we’re not just offering you any old protein product, we’re offering you a highly specific, intelligent tool for stress-free weight regulation.

We have also added two very special ingredients that also stimulate metabolism, acetyl-L-carnitine and bitter melon extract. This gives the body the small boost it requires for successful weight management. You achieve the best results when you also make a contribution to a healthy metabolism. Physical activity is the key to this. Don't worry, you don’t need to partake in competitive sport. Just go for a walk for a quarter of an hour and use the stairs every now and then instead of always taking the elevator. By doing this you help your body lose weight and make your heart and circulatory system very happy at the same time.

6 capsules contain: Vitamin C - 81 mg = 100*, caffeine - 27mg, chromium - 119 µg = 297*, folic acid - 180 µg = 90*, zinc - 10 mg = 100*, amino acids - 3,120 mg, other plant substances - 930 mg.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please consume 2 capsule with a sufficient quantity of liquid daily in the morning, midday and in the evening.

Information for diabetics: 6 capsules contain 0.12 bread unit.

Please note: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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from Alexandra on 12.09.2017
Super!! Nehme die Kapseln seit 4 Wochen und bin begeistert...egal ob am Bauch...Oberschenkel usw. habe ich abgenommen...fühle mich richtig gut damit! Kann ich nur empfehlen!
from Maurice on 18.10.2017
Mit ein wenig Sport vebunden bewirkt es excht viel! Fast mein Idealgewicht erreicht
from Marius on 06.02.2018
super für meinen Stoffwechsel, ich habe mein Gewicht behalten und nehme kaum mehr zu seitdem ich die Kapseln einnehme und auf meine Ernährung achte!
from Elisa on 22.05.2018
Ich habe das Produkt 4 Monate eingenommen und habe insgesamt 9KG verloren eine tolle unterstützung kaufe ich weiterhin!
from Nina on 13.12.2018
7kg in 7 Tagen! Wow! Top!!!
from Kerstin on 10.01.2019
Tolles Produkt........ mein Heißhunger ist auch weg...waage benutze ich in zwei wochen wieder
from Mia on 30.12.2015
Diese tollen Kapseln habe ich durch meine Freundin empfohlen bekommen. Sie hat damit gute Erfolge erzielt. Ich nehme die Kapseln jetzt seit 3,5 Wochen und es passiert auch bei mir tatsächlich etwas.
from Christina on 28.01.2016
Mein Gewicht schwankte immer zwischen 78-84 kg. Inzwischen wiege ich 69 kg
und halte das Gewicht. Gutes Produkt!!!
from Dorothea on 29.02.2016
Danke! Das brauchte mein Körper.
from Frauke on 06.04.2016
Super zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Danke.
from Jens on 04.11.2016
Ich habe mit der Einnahme vor ca. 5 Wochen begonnen. Ich habe tatsächlich ganze 6 Kilo abgenommen! Super ich bin begeistert!
from Lea on 31.01.2017
Ich habe 3 Kilo in einem Monat abgenommen. Und das ohne Sport.
from Alexandra on 27.07.2017
Hab nicht mehr so viel Hunger und fühle mich viel leichter. Hab auch schon paar Pfunde verloren…

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