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CD - IQ Weight Management

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CD - IQ Weight Management

Mental training to re-programme your eating behaviour

Some people say that dieting has more to do with what’s in your head than what you put in your stomach. This idea has more truth to it than many realise. Complete determination is a prerequisite for losing weight. That said, losing weight over the long term relying on nothing more than your determination rarely works. When dieting, self-discipline and determination actually have very little to do with sustainable weight loss. They are important to get you going, but will not lead to any lasting success. Of course, most people claim that the opposite is true, so it can all get a bit confusing. Let’s start right at the beginning.

Sustainable weight loss only works if several aspects are included in the process. On the one hand, weight loss measures can be supported by the right natural substances, and on the other, your state of mind also has an important role to play in changing your eating behaviour over the long term.

You can use IQ-Weight-Management® to effortlessly and simply support your weight loss efforts. More than 100,000 people have already achieved amazing results in the last 6 months. Use this double CD set to make lasting changes to your relationship with food through mental training. How does it work: this CD includes all the latest scientific findings from the field of brain research to help re-programme your eating habits.

You may well be thinking: “Why do I need a CD to change the way I eat?” But we would answer this with another question: “What stopped you from changing your eating behaviour years ago?” It may seem a little provocative, but we’re not trying annoy you. What we really want to do is show you that it’s not your fault. Simply using rational thought rarely ever leads to long-term change.

Think of all the New Year’s resolutions for instance. Every New Year’s Eve, millions of people make resolutions to give up certain habits, but in most cases it does not last. But why is this the case? Why do we function the way we do?

Did not Paul the Apostle once write to the church in Rome: “For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do - this I keep on doing.”? Even he didn’t fare any better than us. However, compared to St Paul, we have a huge advantage: today, we know why rational thought and motivation rarely ever lead to lasting change.

Over the past few decades, research into the brain has been looking into what it is exactly that controls our behaviour and the criteria involved. There are two basic drives which control everybody’s brain in every situation without exception. One of these has to do with the brain’s determined efforts to help you avoid the unpleasant things in this world (fear, anxiety, uncertainty, pain etc.), and the other is its compelling desire for you to have the most pleasure, fun and delight in this world that is possible. Brain researchers now know, however, that the brain is far more occupied with avoiding unpleasant things than it is with seeking pleasure. But this is nothing new - it is the old carrot and stick theory.

The really interesting part of the research conducted over the last 15 years in the field of neurolinguistics is what exact steps we need to take to achieve the success we all want. For example, if people connect ‘diet’ with torture, self-denial and abstinence in their minds, and are going over phrases in their head such as: “A life without chocolate is not worth living” and then start a diet, those individuals will be lucky to manage a couple of weeks at best. The moment will come when the brain says: “Listen - my job is to keep you safe from unpleasant things and help you get as much fun as possible while on this planet. Why are you punishing yourself like this? You only live once.”

Soon, the time will come when you say to yourself: “Okay, you’ve persuaded me.” “It’ll just be this one time” you say as you stick another piece of cake in your mouth. This happens to 95% of people who try dieting. Sticking to a diet has nothing to do with self-discipline or the like. It’s much more to do with a change of programming in your mind. For instance, if you spontaneously connect the word ‘diet’ with healthy eating, lightness, fitness etc. - be it conscious or unconscious - staying on your diet will be a proverbial piece of cake. How does it work: this person has changed the way they mentally associate with the idea of dieting. This means: our behaviour will be influenced by the types of feelings we associate with certain experiences and life events.

How can we re-programme the way we associate with issues such as dieting? It’s quite simple: via the subconscious. Just follow the lead of the advertisement industry. They also try to access your subconscious so they can leave behind marketing messages - with huge success! The reprogramming process is fairly fast, especially if linked with a high level of emotionality, i.e. working through lots of imagery and feelings. This approach is chosen because the subconscious is not keen on working purely with words - it needs imagery and emotions. The more highly charged the better.

Incidentally, knowledge of the brain’s ability to work extremely quickly if the level of emotionality is increased comes from the field of psychology, namely phobias. Pretty interesting... Imagine a person walking down the street, after 5 minutes he gets mauled by a Rottweiler and then has to spend 4 weeks in intensive care. It’s easy to see how this individual may well have a generalised fear of dogs from then on, but would it go as far as chihuahuas? Now, imagine that this person has loved dogs for 30 years, but then gets mauled, do you think this one incident could change his entire attitude to dogs over night? Maybe one glance at a little Yorkshire terrier would be enough to force him to cross to the other side of the street.

The reasons for this is that the bite from the dog was linked to such strong emotions that 30 years of loving companionship with these animals changed in an instant and left anxiety in its place. Such experiences are stored in the limbic system and reflexively influence future behaviour patterns. So, whenever our brain receives a powerful input from experiencing an event with strongly charged emotions, these feelings will be stored in the subconscious for future reference.

In some ways, the subconscious is to us what the hard drive is to a computer - it’s where all the programming is stored. What’s even more interesting is that the subconscious is significantly more expansive than the conscious part of our mind. Our intellect seems miniscule when compared with our consciousness, which means that our subconscious is much more influential than our conscious decisions. For example, every smoker knows that nicotine is carcinogenic, but most just carry on. Those who are overweight, too, know that obesity is linked to a variety of serious illnesses, but a great number will not be able to cut down in any lasting way.

It is all starting to come together now. If our behavioural patterns (in this case, eating habits) are stored subconsciously, not consciously, then we will have no way of accessing and altering this programming by pure reasoning alone - we need to delve into the subconscious. This is the only way to make lasting changes to your eating habits. It is easy to access the subconscious if you are in a relaxed state,

which is what our double CD set ‘IQ Weight Management’ is designed to do. Let Frank Felte lead you into a state of deep relaxation and simply follow where he leads you in this double CD set.

Training is divided into two sections: the first CD (duration: approx. 60 minutes) has to do with the situation you find yourself in at that moment in time; the second CD (duration: approx. 60 minutes) sends impulses through your subconscious to change your relationship with food. Both CDs are based on the latest scientific knowledge from the field of brain research. Experience the power of mental training with this unique product and be amazed at the results you can achieve in your life.

Of course, there are some people who are sceptical about this sort of thing, they may find the idea of ‘mental training’ somewhat suspect. It’s just touchy-feely nonsense - all that relaxation stuff is just a load of rubbish. Something for stressed housewives and softies having trouble facing up to reality. None of the above is remotely true, otherwise why would so many top international athletes use mental training?

Stripped to the basics, mental training is about ‘concentrating in a relaxed state’. When relaxed, you have the best access to the subconscious and will be able to make changes to your behavioural patterns effortlessly, even your eating habits! The most important part is working with intense feelings and building up strong emotionality. This is something that pictures alone cannot do, but this CD features all the essential aspects needed to change the way you subconsciously relate to food.

We wish you every success. Some people find it helpful to regularly listen to CD 2 in particular over a fairly long period of time. If you are hoping to lose weight, you will be amazed at what you can achieve with these CDs. By the way: this double CD set is the perfect way to supplement our diet product, ‘Diet Secret’!

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from Stella on 06.06.2018
Diese CD ist wirklich toll. Sehr angenehme Stimme! Sehr entspannend! Und nicht nur zum abnehmen interessant, sondern für alle Lebensbereiche! Vielen Dank dafür Frank Felte
from Elisabeth on 07.01.2016
Höre ich sehr gerne abends vor dem zu Bett gehen. Ich war ehrlich gesagt sehr unsicher wegen dem mentalen Training, aber das Ergebnis hat mich echt umgehauen. Herr Felte, Sie haben eine sehr angenehme Stimme.
from Frauke on 05.02.2016
Toll dass Sie so eine tolle CD für Ihre Kunden gemacht haben. Ich höre Sie
mir sehr gerne an.
from Rebecca on 09.03.2016
Ich finde es wirklich sehr schön, daß Sie sich so eine Mühe gegeben haben
für uns Kunden eine CD zu machen.
from Frauke on 18.04.2016
Es ist sehr schade, daß ich Sie nicht mehr bei QVC sehen kann Herr Felte. Es hat mir
immer sehr gefallen wie Sie Ihre Produkte leben. Jetzt habe ich Ihre CD
geschenkt bekommen und höre Sie mir sehr gerne an. Nicht nur das es mich
sehr unterstützt sondern auch Ihre Stimme beruhigt mich total. Vielen lieben
from Jannika on 22.11.2016
Meine Oma ist ein begeisterter Natura Vitalis Fan und hat sich über die CD sehr gefreut.

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