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30 Days Diet

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90 Capsules

Base price: 40,49 € each 100 g

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90 Capsules

Base price: 40,49 € each 100 g

30 Days Diet


Have you ever wondered how top models and actors manage to return to the limelight so quickly, for instance after a pregnancy, looking just as slim and trim as ever? Or how they succeed in permanently maintaining their perfect figure? The secret of the stars and models is now revealed with our new product, 30 Days Diet.

The latest scientific knowledge has revealed some astonishing answers relating to the issue of overweight. There is now new hope for all those who find them constantly struggling through life with too many pounds.  Because the pounds can be melted away for everyone if the body is only given the right substances. And that is exactly what many stars and models, for example, do. They possess the secret knowledge of experienced nutritional scientists and are therefore able to burn away their fat - permanently, within a very short time, and with no yoyo effect. This secret knowledge has also been used to create 30 Days Diet and so is now available to help you, too, burn off your excess fat quickly and effectively.

After all, like every “normal” person, stars and models naturally also have fat cells in their bodies. Up to 120 billion of them, no less! And that is basically a good thing, because fat cells are, in fact, vital. They not only have the task of storing fat for times of need and famine, but also of continuously releasing deposited fat for the purpose of energy production. They do so without any protest, provided you speak the language of fat metabolism and make use of its mechanisms for losing weight effortlessly.

Problems only arise when we consume more calories than the body actually uses up. For in that case, the fat cells store up more fat than is needed and can grow 200-fold, with the result that the body loses shape. And if we then attempt to get rid of this surplus fat with diets that do not understand the fat metabolism language (which is most of them), this is when the drama really starts. Because most calorie-reduced diets are contradictory themselves. While they compel the body tissue to release carbohydrates, protein or also fat for the purpose of energy production, at the same time, they lock up the fat cells or block the so-called lipolytic, fat-releasing mechanisms.

30 Days Diet, however, speaks the language of fat metabolism perfectly and so easily ensures a life of slimness. And we are not simply writing that because it sounds good and enticing - but because it’s proven fact. One of the main substances in 30 Days Diet is the renowned Ning Hong Tea Blend. This has been awarded - in rapid sequence - 8 international and national gold medals so far. The reason is its outstanding effectiveness in the field of fast and healthy weight reduction - with no yoyo effect.

Many stars and models know of the incredible effect of the Ning Hong Tea Blend and make use of it whenever a contract or role calls for a trim, slim figure.

We have supplemented each individual 30 Days Diet capsule with additional highly effective and hugely important natural substances that make the way to a perfect figure child’s play. Because ultimately, you only lose fat permanently if your diet consistently follows 3 important steps:

1.) The fat molecules on the belly and hips must be released from the fat cells
2.) The fat molecules must be transferred from the blood, in which, after release from the fat cells, they are floating around rather aimlessly, and into the body cells.
3.) The “fat bombs”, which are microscopically small, now have to be burnt in the body cells, or more precisely in the mitochondria of the body cells, and turned into energy.

Only if all these 3 steps are consistently fulfilled - and really only then - will you lose fat permanently! And this 3-step process is precisely what 30 Days Diet does. For if only one of these metabolism mechanisms is absent, you will never become slim - no matter what and how little you eat.

That is also the reason why most diets don’t work. You lose water in the first few days - but not fat. Most diets simply do not speak the language of fat metabolism language and so already fall down at the first step. For these diets, the fat cells stay as tightly locked as bank safes. While fat can constantly get into the fat cells, it cannot get out.

With its highly efficacious fat-releasing substances, 30 Days Diet speaks the language of fat metabolism from A to Z. All 3 of the important steps for successful weight reduction are performed to perfection. This has also been confirmed by a test involving 1000 people at hospitals in China. With the Ning-Hong Tea Blend and other substances contained in 30 Days Diet, over 95% successfully completed their weight reduction programme.

30 Days Diet therefore holds the key to your bank safes, i.e. your fat cells. The Ning-Hong Tea Blend easily opens the doors to your 120 billion fat cells, allowing the fat molecules to be released without resistance. Trillions of fat molecules from the fat deposits on the belly, hips, backside and thighs are then borne in the blood stream to a 100 trillion body cells, where they are converted into energy.

Powerful assistance for the exclusive Ning-Hong Tea Blend in opening the fat cells is provided by caffeine from the guarana plant and green coffee extract. These two plants ensure that the blood sugar level is kept stable and that therefore there is less energy for the organism present in the blood. This means, in turn, that the body is forced to generate its energy needs from the body’s own fat reserves and that therefore, in no time at all, the up to 120 billion fat cells also easily open up. So Step 1 has now been taken towards your dream figure.

Step 2 is taken care of by L-carnitine. This amino acid acts, so to speak, like a “fat taxi”, transporting the released fat molecules to the body cells for burning. That is extremely important because the fat molecules are not able to undertake this journey by themselves. After release from the fat cells, the fat first of all finds itself in the blood, where it floats around more or less aimlessly. However, it is essential for the released fat molecules to find their way into the body cells, for it is here that the mitochondria (combustion chambers) are located where they will be burnt and turned into energy. Without outside help, however, they will never get there. So they need a “taxi” to take them direct to the mitochondria in the body cells. And this is precisely the function performed by the L-carnitine. It picks up countless fat molecules and carries them piggyback, as it were, safely to the mitochondria. So this means that Step 2 towards effective weight reduction has now also been fulfilled.

Step 3, and hence the last step towards a perfect figure, is performed by synephrine. This substance, which can be found in the bitter orange, has genuine pyromaniac properties and ensures that the fat molecules are permanently burned. A study conducted in the USA by Harvard University in the year 2001 found that synephrine stimulates the metabolism to such a degree that even at rest, the body consumes more calories than without synephrine. The study also revealed that the calorie consumption is increased by around 30% by taking even the smallest quantities of synephrine.

So you, too, can now benefit from the secret knowledge of how to reduce fat quickly - knowledge that was previously only available to the stars and models. Experience for yourself how your body reshapes itself and you acquire a slim figure. Savour the compliments of others about your new figure. 30 Days Diet works completely differently to anything you have ever known so far. Try it for yourself!

Our tip: Combine 30 Days Diet with our IQ Weight Management. Your fat cells will be more than a little annoyed!

1 capsule contains: Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 48 mg = 300*, pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 4,5 mg = 321*, riboflavine (Vitamin B2) – 4,2 mg = 300*, zinc – 7,5 mg = 75*, chrome – 30 µg = 75*, caffeine (of Guarana and Green Tea extract) – 42,6 mg, synephrin (of bitter orange extract) – 3 mg, L-carnitine – 102 mg, other plant substances – 1988 mg.
* = % of the reference quantity (NRV) pursuant to the Food Information Regulation.

Recommended daily use: Take 1 capsule in  the morning, afternoon and evening with a sufficient quantity of water.

Information for diabetics: 3 capsules contain 0,15 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet  as well as a healthy life-style.

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from Sarah on 28.10.2017
Ich habe sonst immer große Schwierigkeit ab zu nehmen, da mir meine Schilddrüße raus genommen wurde, aber mit diesem Produkt habe ich schon sogar nach zwei Wochen erste kleine erfolge erzielt. Bin sehr zufrieden und hoffe bald endlich mein Wunschgewicht zu erreichen!!
from Maike on 02.11.2017
Ich hab einiges drüber gehört und werde es selber ausprobieren. Paar Kilos können ja immer runter vor Weihnachten;)
from Irene on 06.01.2018
Ich bin voll begeistert von 30 Days Diet
from Manuela on 07.01.2018
Super Produkt, damit nehme sogar ich nach vielen Jojo Effekten ab ohne dass ich meine Gewohnheiten verändere. Kann ich nur wärmstens weiter empfehlen.
from Iris on 30.01.2018
einfach super das ZEUG :-) es schmilzt Fett an Stellen wo ich früher nie abgenommen habe ich nehme es zusätzlich zum IQ weight managment und ich bin begeistert
from Angela on 02.02.2018
So einfach und effektiv war es noch nie in kurzer Zeit ein paar Kilos zu verlieren. Bin begeistert
from Sven on 28.02.2018
Ich bin super begeistert und motiviert !
In nur 4 Monaten habe ich tatsächlich 31 kg abgenommen !!
Ich nehme 30 days Diet, zusammen mit dem IQ Weight Management.
Es geht mir super
from Rosa Maria on 20.09.2018
Ich nehme die Kapseln nun seit 2 1/2 Wochen, bis heute hat sich beim Gewicht noch nichts getan. Im Gegenteil, sobal dich Kohlehydrate esse, geht es nach oben. Werde alle 30 Kapseln zu Ende nehmen und hoffe, dass sich doch auch bei mir noch der Erfolg einstellt.
from Francesca on 22.09.2018
Das 30 Days Diet ist ein super Produkt. Es hat mir gut beim Abnehmen geholfen mit ein paar anderen Produkten von Naturavitalis. Ich bin do glücklich!!!
from Claudia on 10.10.2018
An Rosa Maria:

Klar, dass man nichts oder sehr wenig auf der Waage sieht, denn es werden dadurch auch Muskeln aufgebaut, und die sind schwerer als FETT. Aber halte durch, du wirst es an Deinen Klamotten nehmen, die nicht mehr so sehr "zwicken".

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