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39,87 (VAT inclusive)

1 Set

Base price: 7,97 € each 100 g

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1 Set

Base price: 7,97 € each 100 g

Collagen-Lift-Drink 500g + Activator 10 ml

The Beauty-Drink for your skin!


The Collagen Lift Drink is an absolute beauty product. And with beauty products in particular, we secretly find it difficult to be patient in waiting for the first visible signs of success to appear. Anyone who knows our drink will also know that the last edition was also accompanied by a free sample of the “Activator” in a little bottle. As you can well imagine…we received endless calls from customers, telling us how absolutely thrilled they were and how effective the drink was. And one customer even wrote us a letter, saying: “It’s phenomenal. Absolutely great!” This set us thinking, and we decided that this should be a permanent feature. From now on, the “Activator” must always be contained in the drink, and so we at Natura Vitalis enhanced the Collagen Lift Drink accordingly. It therefore now gives us tremendous pleasure to be able to offer you, with immediate effect, the new Collagen Lift Drink with the ingredients of our “Activator”, i.e. L-lysine and biotin, already included. As a result, we have created what we believe to be the most powerful and efficacious drink available. So experience a completely new feeling of normal and beautiful skin.

For us, this drink is nothing short of a cosmetic miracle and offers unbelievable power. Our new Collagen Lift Drink is specifically designed to preserve your normal and beautiful skin, along with helping to protect your skin cells.

With the aid of lysine, the effect accelerator, we have made the drink even faster! Three drops of our Collagen Activator are sufficient to transport the collagen quicker than ever before into your skin and enable it to work positive wonders there – you will see the first signs of success after less than two weeks!

To start with, the vitamin A contained in the Collagen Lift Drink helps to preserve normal skin.

The vitamin C included in the formulation additionally contributes to normal collagen formation for normal functioning of the skin. Normal collagen formation is important, among other things, for the strength and tautness of our connective tissue. Vitamin C also helps to protect our skin cells from oxidative stress.

The trace element zinc contained in the Collagen Lift Drink likewise contributes to preserving normal skin and to protecting our skin and connective tissue cells from oxidative stress.

As a natural antioxidant, vitamin E also helps to protect our skin and connective tissue from oxidative Stress 

Biotin (vitamin B7), which is essential as a cofactor in various enzymes for the creating and dismantling of carbohydrates, fats and protein, contributes in particular to the preservation of normal hair and normal skin. For this reason, it is also frequently referred to as the “beauty vitamin”. So there was never any question for us about including this “beauty vitamin” in our product formulation.

And finally, our drink contains high-quality collagen, whereby we have boosted its share under the new recipe by almost 10%.

Both in humans and animals alike, collagen is a natural “structural” protein and constitutes a major organic component of our connective tissue and skin. Indeed, accounting for a share of over 30% of all proteins in the body, collagen is the most commonly occurring protein in the human organism.

The collagen that occurs in the body and has been synthesised by the body itself performs a wide variety of functions in preserving the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Ultimately, as a strongly expanding protein body, collagen is what gives our connective tissue its elastic strength. It consists of long chains of fibrous molecules. These fibres are among the strongest building materials in the world. They are far more resilient than steel fibres of the same thickness. The result is the creation of an extremely strong, smooth layer under the skin, with the ability to absorb pressure and – e.g. when we laugh – stretch like rubber, but then immediately contract and return to the original smoothness.
The connective tissue of our skin is engaged in a constant process of synthesis and desynthesis, 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, however, the natural synthesis of collagen slows down from the age of 25 and is overtaken by the desynthesisation processes. For this reason, the cosmetics industry has, for many years, included collagen in its creams etc., so that in the course of external application this collagen will - even if only temporarily - bring about some natural strength.

Finally, we have upgraded our product formula with vitamin B6. The reason for this is that vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism. Moreover, vitamin B6 helps to regulate hormone activity and is therefore particularly appreciated by women before, during and after the menopause.

The recipe for the Collagen Lift Drink is, finally, rounded off by a fruit from Tibet which is known by some as an “anti-aging wonder”, i.e. the goji berry. The goji berry is loved by many famous stars who view it as a natural secret weapon against aging. Even Dr Earl Mindell, bestselling author of the “Vitamin Bible”, states: “I think the goji berry from Tibet has more powerful anti-aging benefits than any other product I’ve seen in the last 40 years.”

Whether all this glorification is justified or not is something we are naturally unable, and also unwilling, to decide. What was, and is, crucial for us is that the goji berry possesses a unique spectrum of different substances. So as well as various vitamins and minerals, the goji berry also contains a wide range of secondary plant substances, plus the whole spectrum of natural amino acids. In Central Asia, the goji berry is also viewed traditionally as the “fruit of long life”. Modern science is also interested in this “miracle berry”. Older and newer studies confirm the reputation of the goji berry, which has lasted for thousands of years, as a precious gift of nature. Among other things, the goji berry contains natural antioxidants, which are seen today as classical anti-aging substances.

All in all, therefore, this means for you an even more comprehensively effective product for even less money. Never before has it been so easy, so effective and so quickly possible to do something for the preservation of normal and beautiful skin and also for the protection of the skin cells!

The Collagen Lift Drink is sweetened with the stevia plant. This plant is a completely natural sugar substitute, which is practically devoid of calories and contains no sugar. Stevia rebaudiana, also known, among other things, as sweetleaf, originates from South America and has a naturally sweet taste. Your teeth, your blood sugar level and your figure will all be thankful for this calorie-free natural sweetener.

To be able to spoil you comprehensively with the aforenamed substances, we offer you our product in the form of a highly concentrated powder. Therefore, just 1 measuring spoonful in a glass of water is sufficient to provide your organism with this whole wealth of substances every day. The resulting drink has a delicious, fruity flavour similar to blackcurrant.

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy our new drink!

We are sure that you will quickly appreciate why thousands of enthusiastic customers have been regularly drinking our unique bestselling Collagen Lift Drink for many years. Therefore, you too can look forward to the compliments you will receive in future from your friends and acquaintances! After all: “Beauty comes from within!”

10 g Collagen-Lift-Drink-Powder contains: Hydrolized Collagen - 8,68 g, l-lysine - 3,5 mg, fisetin - 3,75 mg, vitamin C - 50 mg = 62*, vitamin E - 2,75 mg -TE = 23*, vitamin B6 - 0,55 mg = 39*, zinc - 1,5 mg = 15*, vitamin A - 800 μg RE = 100*, biotin - 40 μg = 80*.
/ * = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Directions for use: Give 10 g of powder (= 1 tablespoon) to a glass once daily, briefly stir with 10 ml (about 3 teaspoons) of water, and subsequently fill to about 100 ml. Stir briefly, done!

Information for diabetics:10 grams contain 0.8 bread unit.

Please note: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy life-style.

Collagen Activator

3 drops contain: L-Lysin - 3,53 mg, biotin - 40 µg = 80*.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Directions for use: Please shake briefly before use! Please add 3 drops to the Collagen-Lift-Drink, stir and enjoy.

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from Christian on 19.10.2017
Kann ich zu 100% empfehlen, war einfach nur begeistert, danke dafür. Ja ich bin ein Mann und kann sagten es funktioniert
from Michaela on 06.11.2017
Seit ich das Produkt nehme ca. 3 Wochen bekomme ich laufend Komplimente. Ob es an dem Produkt liegt? Egal, Hauptsache ich fühle micht wohl..
from Irene on 06.01.2018
Super tolles Produkt und es zeigt Wirkung... Bin voll begeistert und möchte ihn nicht mehr missen....
from Manuela on 07.01.2018
Meine durch Akne sehr vernarbte Haut hat sich total verändert, seitdem ich die Produkte Ceramid Complex, den Collagen Lift Drink und die Hyaluronsäure MM in der Kombi einnehme. Hätte ich nie gedacht, dass sich diese Narben die ich schon 35 Jahre mit mir herum trage, sich einmal verändern. Einfach Klasse
from Daniela on 08.01.2018
Collage zum Trinken ist nicht neu und die Wirkung sieht man in Kombination mit guter Pflege bereits nach 4-6 Wochen.
Begeistert hat mich letztlich hier das Preis- Leistungsverhältnis, denn bisher kannte ich nur die kostspieligen Shots in Trinkampullen.
Der Geschmack nach Johannisbeere ist lecker, wenn auch etwas zu süß, ich nehme halt einfach mehr Wasser dazu! Probiert es aus!

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