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IQ Weight Management

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Hand on your heart: how many different diets have you tried in the past? One? Two? Three? Maybe even more? Have you reached your dream weight yet? Or have you also fallen victim to the yoyo effect? If so, don't worry – it isn't actually your fault. The reason why long-term dieting success is so elusive is quite a straightforward one – most diets simply don't work.

Modern biochemists have long been aware of this. And it has little to do with the meanwhile accepted wisdom that the first pounds of weight loss are merely attributable to water and a few stored carbohydrates. The lack of success is frequently rooted in something else entirely – the fact that many calorie reduced diets are actually in themselves contradictory. Although they force the tissue to release carbohydrates, protein or even fat for generating energy, at the same time, they obstruct fat cells, or block the so-called lipolytic mechanisms that release fat. In other words, with a classic style of diet you will only lose a little excess fat, if any at all, and even this will subsequently be reversed when the yoyo effect sets in.

Positive is negative

Actually it is quite simple to maintain your ideal weight. And it is not down to the frequently dubious promises made by the diet industry but to quite sober figures. The body weight of a healthy person is primarily determined by the balance of calorie intake from nutrition and the body's calorie burning rate. If the organism is fed more energy (calories) than it can burn by the various metabolic processes, the result is the long-term formation of excess subcutaneous fat. This is a situation that nutrition scientists refer to as a positive energy balance (excess calories), even if the effect on the body's figure is hardly positive as it slides more and more out of control over time.
On the other hand, if there is a negative energy balance (calorie deficit), in other words, you supply the body with less energy (food) than you use up, you will lose weight. There is, naturally, also a neutral energy balance, when calorie intake and burning are in equilibrium. This indicates that you are supplying your body with just as much energy (food) as it needs. In this situation, you will be able to maintain your figure – assuming you also maintain a healthy and varied lifestyle. So this means that all questions concerned with the subject of gaining weight, losing weight and keeping your figure are ultimately to do with the body's energy balance. There is now one final question: what then is the optimum energy balance (calorie intake vs. calorie burning)?

Mathematics meets diet
Let us assume that you wish to reduce your weight. No problem. There are perfectly sober figures available that can help you. Now that you are aware of the various energy balances, you also know that there are only two areas where you can make adjustments to achieve your desired weight. Either you reduce your calorie intake or you increase the number of calories you burn. And there is only one way of increasing your rate of calorie burning: through exercise! In this context, you need to know that 1 kg of fat contains approximately 7,000 kcal. And there is a very simple formula for working out how long you need to run to lose 1 kg of fat. The formula is 7,000 divided by your weight. So this means that a man weighing 70 kg would have to run 100 km in order to lose this much fat. A considerable effort. Nothing against exercise – it is always advisable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle – but using it as the sole way of effectively reducing weight is tantamount to torture.




Energy per piece/portion




Cheese sandwich role

260 kcal

520 kcal


Chocolate milk, 400 ml

334 kcal

334 kcal



Turkey schnitzel with sauce provencal

525 kcal

525 kcal


Sprite, 400 ml

148 kcal

148 kcal



Vanilla pudding

139 kcal

139 kcal



Slices of toast with salami

180 kcal

720 kcal


Apple juice, 250 ml

110 kcal

220 kcal



Pieces of chocolate

27 kcal

108 kcal


Glass of wine

144 kcal

144 kcal



2,858 kcal

On the other hand, it is far easier to additionally reduce the rate of calorie intake, thus creating a negative energy balance, and ultimately burning more energy (kcal) than you take in. Because then the body has to tap into its supply of surplus, unwanted fat and the energy stored in it, to compensate for the energy deficit.

Now all you need to know is what number you have to reduce. That number is: 2.404! In other words: the daily energy requirement, according to the WHO/FAO Index, of a healthy woman (aged between 31 and 60 years) is 2,404 kcal. Fundamentally, the actual daily calorie (energy) requirements depend on many variables, such as age, sex, body size, body weight and daily physical activity. But if your intake is below the WHO recommended level (2,404 kcal), you will be creating a negative energy balance. And this is what it is about when it comes to losing excess weight.

You are probably now thinking 'OK, that all sounds great, but what do I do to attain a negative energy balance? I mean, I have to eat something'. Yes, that's right. Of course you have to eat to make sure your body has energy. It is just like with a car. If it doesn't have fuel, it won't go. The fuel for our body is nutrients, like carbohydrates, amino acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Whenever we feel hungry, our body is crying out for these vital substances. Without them, nothing is able to function. It is just like a car with no fuel.

And this is precisely the idea that our nutrition concept is based on. It consists of three different, incredible products:

1. A filling, high-bioavailability, high-end protein shake (tin containing 1,200g of powder)

2. 210 amino acid pellets that contain all the essential amino acids (1,200 mg per pellet!)

3. 240 high-dosage multivitamin pellets containing all vitamins, trace elements and minerals for one day (1,200 mg per pellet!)

Together, these three products yield the cumulative power of more than an incredible 1.7 kg of high-bioavailability proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals. This means that with these three products, you are taking in every day the comparable nutritional value in terms of the aforementioned vital substances of more than three full-value meal portions – comprising for instance 150 g of chicken, 200 g of mixed vegetables and 150 g of potatoes. And this although the recommended daily intake of our three products together constitutes only around 264 kcal. That is quite phenomenal!

Best of all, this is without the carbohydrates and fats that are normally also found in the full-value portions and that you would also normally be additionally consuming with such dishes. This means that these products are absolutely LOW CARB!

The dosages of the aforementioned vital substances in our three products are so high that in comparison, you would have to take in around 47,500 kcal of average regular conventional food to obtain the same quantity of nutrients. However, our product set only contains 7,929 kcal. And this is distributed over 30 days – as the product quantity is configured for this period.

The delicious High-End Vanilla Protein Shake is extremely filling with only approx. 264 kcal, and its daily dosage basically supplies the proportion of important vitamins for which we would otherwise need to take in approximately 500 g of chicken breast.

The essential amino acids contained in our High Potential Aminos pellets also play an important role in our bodies. They are involved in a wide range of processes relating to our energy metabolism, our fat metabolism, blood sugar level, the production of certain hormones and other essential (i.e. important) processes. During a weight reduction programme, it is particularly important to ensure that the body is supplied with a sufficient level of these important and essential amino acids. For example, if the normal functionality of our blood sugar level is not ensured, it often immediately results in unpleasant hunger cravings.
For this reason, not only have we integrated all currently recognised essential amino acids in our pellets, but we have given them such a high dosage in our formulation that it can be ensured that the daily intake of the product will supply you with more than enough of these important substances.

The same applies to our Highly Dosed Multi product. The pellets of this innovative product contain all recognised vitamins and minerals. Only a few years ago, the EU Commission published a comprehensive list in which it determined and specified the importance of all of these nutrients for a wide range of health-related processes in our body. There is not enough space here to reproduce all of the numerous health benefits, which is why we hope you will understand that we merely refer you to the list, which is available in the Internet at
When you examine this list, you will quickly realise that it would simply not be possible to conduct a successful and sustainable weight reduction programme without ensuring that the body is supplied with these vitamins and minerals. For instance, our energy, fat and sugar metabolisms would no longer be able to function normally and would lie idle, as no fat cell would release even a minimal amount of fat as fuel. This is the reason why our Highly Dosed Multi pellets contain all the important vitamins and minerals that you need to ensure that your metabolism as a whole is able to perform its tasks and functions without hindrance.

Now you can clearly see just how intelligent and sophisticated the formulations of our three products described above really are in supporting the success of a weight reduction programme.

However, this innovative product of ours is not a diet product or even a meal substitute. On the contrary, it would not only be boring to limit ourselves solely to consuming these three products, but this is also not what they were developed for in the first place. The whole sense and purpose of our products is that they should be consumed in addition to or in combination with certain meals throughout the day, to make it easier for you to effectively achieve the success you are looking for in your weight reduction course. On the one hand, our products ensure an adequate supply of all important vitamins and minerals as well as all essential amino acids, and on the other hand, your intake as a result is only around 264 kcal per day. This not only makes it easier for you but also means you can be more methodical in the way you put together and consume your meals with the aim of ensuring the goal of a negative energy balance.

In the brochure included with the product set, we show you a number of different ways and examples of how to combine our nutritional concept with the various meals that you eat throughout the day, to make easy work of achieving a daily negative energy balance. Your figure will thank you, because in our opinion, the best diet is an intelligent and successful one. So simply use the knowledge of mathematics and ensure in this way that you will benefit from successful weight loss.

We wish you maximum success with our innovative and unique 'IQ Weight Management' system.


Recommended intake: Stir 40 g of powder (corresponds to 2 measuring spoons) into 250 ml of low-fat milk (1.5 %) and shake using a shaker. It is also possible to use a milk frother instead of a shaker. If you prefer, you may also enjoy this shake twice a day. In this case simply prepare 20 g of powder (corresponds with 1 measuring spoon) with 125 ml of low-fat milk (1.5 %) two times each day. You can also make the shake with water instead of low-fat milk, if you prefer.

Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, bourbon vanilla powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin; table salt, natural flavouring, sweetener: sodium cyclamate, acidifier: tartaric acid; sweetener: steviol glycosides, sodium saccharin, sucralose; vanilla pod aroma extract 3:1, biotin.

Nutrient content of High Protein Shake:

Per 100 g:
Energy: 1519 kJ / 361 kcal
Fat: 3.8 g
Of which: saturated fatty acids: 1.4 g
Carbohydrates: 4.0 g
Of which: sugar: 3.4 g
Protein: 80.1 g
Salt: 320 mg
Biotin: 25 μg

Per portion*:
Energy: 1110.1 kJ / 264.4 kcal
Fat: 5.27 g – 7.5 %(1)
Of which: saturated fatty acids: 2.06 g – 10.3 %(1)
Carbohydrates: 13.6 g – 5.2 %(1)
Of which: sugar: 13.11 g – 14.6 %(1)
Protein: 40.54 g – 81.1 %(1)
Salt: 430 mg – 7.2 %(1)
Biotin: 10 μg - 20% NRV(2)

*= 40 g + 250 ml low-fat milk (1.5 % fat)
(1) = Reference quantity for an average adult (8 400 kJ/2 000 kcal)
(2) = % of reference quantity (NRV) according to Food Information Regulation.

Information for diabetics: One portion of powder (40 g) prepared with water contains approx. 0.2 bread unit. 


Recommended intake: Take 2 pellets in the morning, 3 at lunchtime and 2 in the evening with sufficient liquid – a total of 7 per day.

Seven pellets contain: Amino acids - 7.573 mg, Vitamin B12 – 0.5 μg = 20*.
*= % of the reference quantity (NRV) according to the Food Information Regulation.

Information for diabetics: 7 pellets contain 0.04 bread unit.


Recommended intake: Take 2 pellets in the morning, 4 at lunchtime and 2 in the evening with sufficient liquid – a total of 8 per day.

Eight pellets contain: Potassium – 1960 mg = 98*, Chloride – 1760 mg = 220*, Calcium – 800 mg = 100*, Phosphorus – 378 mg = 53*, Magnesium – 375 mg= 100*, Vitamin C – 120 mg = 150*, Niacin – 25.6 mg NE = 160*, Iron – 20 mg = 142*, Vitamin E – 19 mg α-TE = 158*, Zinc – 14.4 mg = 144*, Pantothenic acid – 9,6 mg = 159*, Manganese – 3,2 mg = 160*, Vitamin B6 – 2 mg = 142*, Copper – 1.6 mg = 160*, Vitamin B1 – 1.6 mg = 145*, Vitamin B2 – 1.52 mg = 108*, Vitamin A – 1240 μg RE = 155*, Folic acid – 320 μg = 160*, Iodine – 200 μg = 133*, Vitamin B12 – 2.3 μg = 92*, Vitamin K – 120 μg = 159*, Selenium – 88 μg = 159*, Biotin – 80 μg = 160*, Molybdenum – 80 μg = 160*, Chromium – 64 μg = 160*, Vitamin D3 – 8 μg = 160*, Sodium – 0.2 mg.
*= % of the reference quantity (NRV) according to the Food Information Regulation.

Information for diabetics: 8 pellets contain 0.08 bread unit.

Please note: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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from Berthold on 31.10.2017
Hallo mein Name ist Berthold und ich bin absolut zufrieden mit den Produkten von Natura Vitalis.
Besonders mit dem IQ Weight Management.
Damit habe ich in nur 8 Wochen über 33 Kilo abgenommen. Was will man da noch mehr. Ich empfehle es jedem weiter. Danke Natura Vitalis.
from Dustin on 02.11.2017
Die Beschreibung hört sich sehr gut an. Ich habe das Produkt heute erhalten und ein kleines Buch mit Speziellen Rezepten mitgeschickt bekommen. Echt klasse. Vielen Dank, ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Wirkung.
from Manuela on 07.01.2018
Klasse Produkt, ich habe tausend Diäten, Drinks usw durch. Aber hiermit nehme ich ab und es fällt auch nicht schwer, weil es so lecker und gesund ist. Bisher habe ich 6 kg abgenommen. Meine Tochter sogar schon 15 kg.
from Ann-Kathrin on 19.01.2018
Tolles Produkt, schon mehrfach nachbestellt. Ich habe schon über 10 Kilo damit abgenommen und das ganz ohne hungern! Gerade in Kombination mit den Grundversorgungsprodukten super Erfolge erzielt! Die Broschüre mit den Rezepten ist richtig toll und die Gerichte schmecken super lecker und sind schnell gezaubert. Ich würde es jederzeit weiterempfehlen!
from Iris on 30.01.2018
ICH bin überwältigt von diesem ausgeklügeltem SYSTEM was hinter dem Produkt steckt es schmeckt köstlich und durch die multi vitamine und aminos habe ich keinerlei gelüste auf Schnuckreien keine Heisshungerattacken und ich bin topfit kann trotz super abnahme voll arbeiten gehen
from Michael on 29.05.2018
Super Kombination! Wir haben vor 14 Tagen begonnen und ohne jedes Hungergefühl 2,4 bzw. 2,6 kg runter. An vier Tagen haben wir bedingt durch Veranstaltungen ziemlich "gesündigt", aber das haben wir sehr gut überstanden. Wir können das Produkt jedem empfehlen, denn es funktioniert - falls man sich an die Regeln hält!
from Cora on 30.05.2018
Ein super Produkt .Es sogt dafür die das man die Süssen Sachen nicht mehr braucht .Das verlangen danach ist weg.Ich fühle mich einfach wohl damit und merke wie mein Körper sich verändert.Es ist so einfach damit abzunehmen.Einfach toll. Danke
from Britta on 30.06.2018
Die Schwiegertochter von meiner besten Freundin ist total begeistert, hat in 7 Wochen 10 Kilogramm verloren und was noch der Hammer ist , sie nimmt es jetzt nicht mehr weil ihr eigentlich die 10 Kilos gereicht haben und nimmt trozdem weiter ab, der Körper hat sich umgestellt und es gibt keinen Jo Jo Effekt....einfach nur Klasse
from Thomas on 17.07.2018
Ich war natürlich neugierig, das ich das passende Video zu diesem Produkte angeschaut hatte, ob das wirklich so gut funktioniert mit diesem Produkt abzunehmen.

Nach Erhalt der Bestellung ging es los und ich muss sagen, durch die Presslinge, die man dazu nimmt, gelingt es genau so wie beschrieben, man muss sich nicht mehr mit Heißhunger Attacken rumquälen.

Ich habe nach 43 Tagen 10,2 kg geschafft. Damit bin ich mehr als zufrieden, auch wenn noch ein Weg vor mir liegt.

Zu diesem Produkt gehört natürlich noch die 30 Tage Diät. Wir haben auch noch Apfelessigkapseln und Grünertee dazu geordert, damit es noch flotter geht. Alles in allem, das beste Abnehmprodukt, was ich je kennen gelernt habe und auch die Zuversicht, mein komplettes Übergewicht los zu werden.

Hier noch ein Hinweis. Bei meiner Frau geht es wesentlich langsamer, wie bei mir, aber wie ich gehört habe, ist das wohl bei den Damen im fortgeschrittenen Alter wohl üblich. Ich habe meiner Frau immer wieder Mut gemacht, das wird schon, und tatsächlich, jetzt nach einer etwas schwereren Anlaufzeit geht es auch bei ihr gut voran. Mein Fazit, wenn abnehmen, dann mit diesem Produkt. Schmeckt auch übrigens super lecker und das ist auch wichtig, wenn man das ganze eine länger Zeit mache möchte.
from Christian on 22.08.2018
In 7 Wochen 8 Kilo abgenommen, na das ist doch was, 85kg auf 77kg. Ich kann es echt nur empfehlen
from Yvonne on 22.09.2018
Geniale Kombination zum abnehmen und alle die bei mir diesen Shake versuchen sagen das selbe, sehr lecker und keinen chemischen Nachgeschmack!

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