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50 ml

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50 ml

Base price: 19,92 € each 100 ml

Sun Active Creme - 50 ml

Activates the body’s own tanning enzyme

Our Sun Active Creme is a top of the range of product which gets to work on your skin in 3 ways:

1. It activates the skin’s own enzyme ‘tyrosinase’ and leads to the tanning of the skin.

2. It accelerates tanning when out in direct sunshine. It also works in normal daylight when the sun’s rays are weaker.

3. It smoothes the skin.

Sun Active Creme is not a self-tanning cream or equivalent, meaning that it does not cause a chemical reaction on the skin. What Sun Active does is promote the conversion of the important amino acid ‘tyrosine’ into melanin using the skin’s own enzyme, tyrosinase. Let us try and make this process a little more understandable as we outline the basics of how the skin becomes tanned.

The body has various ways of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, one of which is forming melanin. Melanin is a pigment formed by melanocytes (tanning cells) which is responsible for your skin, hair and eye colour.

If the skin is exposed to the sun, the darkness of the skin will increase little-by-little so as to provide a natural protective barrier against the harmful rays (mainly UVA rays), thereby protecting the dermis and slowing down the ageing of the skin. Melanocytes look somewhat similar to tiny octopi with long tentacles (cellular protrusions). They reside in the basal cell layer and are responsible for protecting the keratinocytes (cells within the epidermis). Most melanocytes can be found in the facial and genital area, they are about half as numerous in the upper body and limbs.

The incoming UV rays then stimulate the melanocytes to form melanin: tyrosine (an amino acid) oxidises, melanin is formed and is distributed through the surrounding cells by the ‘tentacles’. There it lies like a shield over the cell nucleus in order to protect it from the ultraviolet rays.

The cells supplied with melanin migrate to the upper layer of the skin (takes a few days) thus giving the skin a tanned appearance. The maximum amount of melanin production will be reached in around three weeks. Every person has the same number of melanocytes but their levels of melanin production can vary greatly. The number and activity levels of the melanocytes drops after about 40 years.

Tyrosine, on the other hand, is fairly scarce in the skin which is why Sun Active gives it a little boost. The skin’s own enzyme tyrosinase then diligently converts this into melanin (tanning agent). This is how you achieve a natural, all over tan - even in the dark! However, tanning will be quicker and more intense if strong sunlight or daylight is present - you will also stay tanned for a longer period of time.

Use: For the face, hands and neckline (only for exterior use), it is preferable to apply Sun Active before starting to sunbathe in order to achieve the most tanning support from the product.

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